1) Preparation is key for a successful epoxy installation.

Our first step is mechanically grinding the floor with planetary grinders or shot blasters.

2) Once the preparation is complete, we vacuum the floor with high pressure HEPA filter vacuums and thoroughly clean the floor using solvent wipes.

It’s imperative that there no dirt, dust or debris remains on the floor.

3) For this garage, we installed epoxy and flake on the concrete curb too.

4) Correct mix ratios are vitally important, so be sure to read the manufacturers data sheet for the required mix ratios, and the timeline for proper mixing.

5) We squeegee and backfill the epoxy using a V-notch squeegee and 3/8” Nap roller.

6) We broadcast vinyl flake to rejection – this is called a “full broadcast”.

7) Once the epoxy has cured, we scrape and vacuum the floor thoroughly.

8) We use a polyaspartic topcoat for most of our systems. Polyaspartic systems are some of the most durable, scratch resistant, stain resistant, UV resistant and chemical resistant materials on the market.

9) We use a flat squeegee or magic trowel and back roll for the topcoat.

10) We hope this video was helpful!

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