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Epoxy and Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings Provide exceptionally hard-wearing, safe and attractive finishes that can last for decades.

So, what choices of epoxy floor coatings are available?

Over time, concrete floors become worn, sustain damage and become plain, dull, and dirty-looking. When they do, you have an opportunity to do something to lift the whole premises with an epoxy floor coating. 

You could grind the concrete surface and add a new layer of concrete. Then have it polished smooth, to glossy but gray finish. Or, what many companies are doing these days is, you could completely revitalize your floors with an epoxy coating. Depending on the type of location, you could opt for an eye-catching metallic epoxy coating.

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These attractive options are not limited to car showrooms or fancy restaurants. They can be installed anywhere. Epoxy floor coatings are installed in industrial and commercial locations all around the world.

Because of their incredible durability, impact resistance, heat resistance, and the ease of keeping epoxy floors clean, every type of location is opting for epoxy flooring.

Every commercial setting from a local sandwich bar to airport terminals and hospitals are opting for epoxy coatings for their floors.

Although the design options are practically endless, including solid color, textured flake, traffic lane markings, and metallic swirls, there is much more to consider in a commercial location that epoxy coating can provide.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating in Hospital VA
Epoxy Coating in hospital location

For safety reasons: high visibility and non-slip/anti-skid options come into play.

For durability: epoxy delivers on resistance to impact, chemicals, and high temperatures.

For visual appeal: whether epoxy or metallic epoxy, the range of colors and designs are limited only by one’s imagination.

For any retail space or auto shop, factory, or warehouse etc. that is subjected to heavy wear and tear, you can make your commercial location stand out, with flooring that is long-lasting, safe, and attractive all at the same time.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating - Washington DC

commercial epoxy floor coating

Epoxy coatings provide a huge and attractive range of options for floors in workshops, auto repair shops, factories, warehouses, schools, colleges etc. The list is endless.

Our process follows the strict and meticulous installation procedure as laid out by the manufacturers of the coatings.

Impeccable preparation is paramount. No part of the process is hurried or omitted. That said, the entire operation, when undertaken by our professional team, can be done with far less disruption than you might imagine.

Depending on the size of the installation, and the options chosen, it can take as little as a single day. We know that time is money, so we make sure that everything is planned to take that into consideration.

We can help you choose and specify the ideal system for your location. It’s important to factor in the specific environment, conditions, and the traffic your floors are exposed to. 

Epoxy Floor Coating, What Is It?

Typically, there are two main components of epoxy floor coating: epoxide resin with a polyamine hardener. Most people are familiar with, epoxy glue or adhesive, which gives a clue in explaining its durability.

A super strong bond is formed with the concrete substrate which seals it and protects it, while at the same time “locks” in any pattern or design that has been requested.

You can start to imagine how a simple, often uninteresting warehouse or distribution center can quickly be transformed with surprising elegance.

So, if you’re wondering what options are available for your commercial or industrial floor, you don’t have to stick with tile or plain concrete. Concrete that, if painted, needs to be repainted regularly if appearances are to be maintained, can be coated with a long-lasting, son-slip, and attractive finish that will last for decades.

If it needs to be just simple, safe, and practical or with additional lane markings or designs, give us a call to find out how we can give your location a remarkable facelift.

Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating
Metallic Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating in Garage Location

How long does a Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating last?

When professionally applied to the manufacturer’s specification, commercial epoxy floor coating on a concrete floor should last for decades. 

Professionally installation is the key to a long-lasting, durable and attractive coating. 

DIY kits do not always include professional quality materials. And when you consider the industrial machinery required and the steps to ensure immaculate preparation of the floor surface, you will appreciate the need for professional installation.

In addition to the tools and machinery, professional installers also have thorough knowledge, expertise, understanding, and appreciation of faultless preparation and application.

When it comes to the variables and multiple “surprise” scenarios of commercial epoxy floor coating and what to look out for, we’ve seen it all.

Call us and allow us to assess your floor so that we can accurately advise the best solution.

How much does commercial epoxy coating cost?

You might be surprised at how cost-effective an epoxy coating can be when comparing the cost of removing an existing floor or tile, then adding the cost of installing new material, whether concrete, tile or other hard-wearing surface.

Factor in the long-term maintenance, repainting (in some circumstances), and repair, you will appreciate the benefits of installing commercial epoxy flooring.

In certain circumstances, existing flooring might be able to remain. If it is sound and can be prepared correctly, then it can be coated. This would need to be determined, of course.

As mentioned above, it is vital to make sure every single step of the installation process is carried out with a perfect, long-lasting finish in mind. As with any coating, meticulous preparation is key. That is something we never cut corners on.

For us to provide an accurate per square foot cost, we need to consider all the relevant factors for your specific floor. Please give us a call and we’ll be glad to visit and provide a free estimate.  

Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating with Flake
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